About Us

Our History

We started in 1989 offering several different kinds of Automotive Reconditioning Services in Orange County. Windshield Repair has always been one of them. We currently have 20 plus years of experience, knowledge and relationships with hundreds of customers to date. Our objective is to always maintain the highest level of Honesty and Integrity possible for our customers. Our mission is to Serve Customers in the most Professional Manner while providing the Highest Quality of Windshield Repair. We have always provided a Mobile Service in Orange County in which we come to you wherever you are.

Our Commitment

We always provide complete and honest information to our customers. We first evaluate each customer’s situation to determine what his or her needs really are. We then provide all options available to the customer as well as suggesting the best course of action. On those occasions when our service is not the right choice, we will tell the customer. We will earn our customers trust and not compromise our integrity for a quick sale. Ultimate Windshield Repair in Orange ounty California is your source for Quality Auto Glass Repair.

The Repair Process

Windshield repair is a permanent process that forces the air out of the glass break and fills it with a curable liquid resin. This resin cures to produce a windshield repair that is much stronger than if left unrepaired. The resin will bond to the break that will prevent it from spreading further and also improve the clarity. A completed repair will look like a minor blemish or a speck on your glass. Depending on the type of break and severity of the impact, some repairs will be almost totally invisible but others will show only minor improvement in appearance. We only use the Highest Quality Materials for all our repairs. Windshield repair is economical, safe and effective. Most repairs can be completed within thirty minutes. For those customers who want their windshield to have zero evidence of any repair, we advise a full replacement.

Let Us Earn Your Business

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