Road debris or a rock can cause a chip in your windshield. The
damaged area can be prevented from spreading in size by injecting
a resin into the fracture. The process bonds the glass together and
adds strength to that area. Visual clarity is also improved.

As soon as possible. Rock chips and cracks usually continue
to spread until a repair is performed. Dirt and grime will
also collect in the damaged area and result in a less
favorable looking repair.

A chip repair will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Most times a chip repair will cost $75.00. We also give Free
Estimates for any type of chip repair or crack.

Yes, having a chip repair done on your vehicle will strengthen
the break and keep it from cracking. However it is still a weak
point and it’s possible to crack from there if subjected to stress.

Yes, if a quarter cannot cover the damaged area, it probably isn’t
repairable. In these cases we recommend a new windshield.

No, you still have a broke windshield after the repair is completed.
A liquid resin is injected into the break to strengthen and seal it.
This lessens the chance of the break getting worse.

Yes, but it is rare. The glass is in a fragile state and if put under
stress during the repair process it could get worse. This is more

likely to happen if the break is close to the edge of the glass. If we
see that the damage is getting worse we will stop the repair.

Barely, most chips will be less noticeable after the repair. You may
still be able to see the outline. Some chip repairs look better than
others. The sooner a chip is repaired after the damage has occurred
the better the results. Other factors like the size of the chip, how
much glass was crushed on impact and what area of the windshield
is damaged will effect the likelihood of a satisfactory repair.

Yes, but only about one in a thousand. That is why we offer to repair
the increased damage or refund the repair cost. You never have to
pay for the same damage again.

No, your windshield is repaired on the vehicle.

No, our only business is windshield repair. You will never have to
worry that we will try to sell you a replacement unnecessarily.

No, any type of previous repair usually has a resin injected into it
that will be cured in the damaged area. Once this happens it will
prevent any products from entering the fracture to attempt a better

No, any moisture will cause the repair to fail. On rainy days we can
do the repair in a covered area or just reschedule the appointment.

The driver’s critical viewing area is a section of the windshield
directly in front of the driver. A chip repair in this area of the
windshield is the customer’s choice.

We are a mobile service that comes to your home, office or business.

Yes, all major credit cards are accepted.

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